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Food2Market has developed practical services for entrepreneurs. Our services cover the entire innovation process, from the birth of an idea to bringing your product to market. You can sign up for assistance throughout the process, or for a two-part training session. You can also access our database, which contains equipment aimed specifically at developing new or improved versions of products, processes and services. Please take 2 minutes to see how Food2Market can support you.

We offer you the following services:

Quick scan: immediate identification of your company’s opportunities for growth


  • Technological knowledge: advice from a technical or academic specialist
  • Market insights: current trends and developments
  • Network of international market experts: advice on international markets

Developing ideas:

  • Consumer insights: consumer insights and feedback
  • Co-creation workshop: teaming up with consumers to develop new ideas
  • Open innovation workshop: innovating with various players in the supply chain


  • Innovation training: learn to develop an innovation action plan
  • Masterclass distribution channels & retail: insight into distribution channels, networks and methods

Facility sharing: facilities supply and demand

For more information, please contact the Food2Market representative in your region.